Hello, and thank you very much for showing interest in contributing to our publication. We are interested in hearing outstanding tales that are told skillfully. Have a peek around the website and get an idea of the kinds of items that are published here. We are always looking for exceptional tales, a comedy that is accessible, and authoritative information.

Guest Writer Guidelines


If you have a compelling essay that is complete at 600 or 1000 words, we care more about the substance than the quantity because our sweet spot for word length is between 700 and 900 words.


Even if you are not a polished writer but have an amazing narrative to tell, you shouldn’t be concerned about this. Please submit. It will be our pleasure to edit your work. In general, we reserve the right to modify any contributions; however, if we plan to make significant alterations, we will inform you of our intentions beforehand.


We provide financial compensation for original writing that has not appeared anywhere else online, even on your blog. We do not offer compensation for republications at this time. We have made it extremely simple for you; there is no need to send in an invoice. Simply provide us with your mailing address alongside your submission, and we will send you a cheque in the mail.


If you have an image that you feel would complement the work that you have written, we would be very interested in seeing it. Please do not give us any photographs unless you either fully own the rights to them or they are specifically identified as being free for others to use. We reserve the right to choose the photograph that will be used. Please send us a headshot (at least 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high) and a brief biography if you are a new contributor to our site.


You are welcome to provide suggestions for the title of your article, but please keep in mind that we may end up changing it.

The First Printing Or The Reprint

A work is considered original if it has not been published anywhere else, including in the author’s blog. We are happy to take either the original work or republication of it, however, we are unable to pay for republications. When submitting, please indicate if the work you are submitting is original or has been published elsewhere in the past.

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