Popular Styles Of Body Jewelry Styles

There are many types and styles of piercings. However, some are more popular than others. We will be discussing the most popular types of body piercings and the best styles of piercings.

There are many types, but there are some that are more popular than others. What styles and types of body jewelry are best for each type?

Ear Piercings

Piercers have discovered new and innovative ways to embellish people’s bodies with jewelry that can be pierced in places previously impossible (think dermal piercings). Despite all the improvements in piercing technology, ear piercings still rank high on the list of most preferred body piercings for both men and women.

Each ear can hold 13 different types of earrings, sometimes more than one. Earlobe piercings, industrial piercings, and helix (and sometimes several) are the most popular types and https://bodypiercejewelry.com provides it all. It is important to choose the right type of ear piercing. There are many ear piercings that women prefer to wear. To be able to wear plugs or tunnels, men are less likely than women to open their ears so that they can wear studs and other styles of jewelry. For example, women are more likely than men to have multiple helix ears so that they can wear circular cartilage earrings. However, men prefer industrial piercings and helix rings with captives. These are only current trends. Both men and women can get any of the aforementioned ear piercings, and they can wear whatever type of jewelry they prefer.

Ear Piercing Jewelry

Nose Piercings

There are many types to pierce your nose. However, the most common are septum piercings or nostril piercings. These two types of nose piercings can be worn with a variety of body jewelry. Round barbells and cap rings (including seamless, segment, and captive bead rings), are the three most common styles of Septum jewelry. These are the most widely used styles of nostril jewelry. Below is an example of each type of nose jewelry.

Button Piercings

Most of the women have their belly button pierced by 33%, and unidentified percentages of men. This makes them the third most common type of body piercing. People love to pierce their belly buttons. This is because they highlight the beautiful curves of women’s midriffs and make them look even more attractive to men. circular bars or ring-captive

Button Rings

Nipple Piercings

They are both attractive and have many sexual benefits, which makes them an appealing piercing choice for both men and ladies. A wide range of body jewelry can be worn in your nipple, including bent and bent barbells. You can also wear pinchers and circle barbells. Captive rings and dangle Nipple rings are all possible. These styles of jewelry can be seen in the sections that follow.

Tongue Piercings & Eyebrow Piercings

The only type of tongue ring that is practical is the straight barbell. However, you can also wear a few other types of jewelry in your eyebrow piercing. The three types of eyebrow ring most in demand are circular, micro-bent, and captive rings.