What Are Some Of The Highest Paying Trade Jobs That Don’t Need Any Degree

A trade job is an excellent opportunity if you love hands-on work and learning new skills. Vocational training prepares the people with the required skills to work. Further, various trade jobs require no Bachelor’s degree. You can choose from any of these careers since these are high-paying jobs too. You can select the fields as per your interest levels.

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Some of the Highest paying trade jobs

  • Plumber

The plumbers repair the gas and water lines. It is a highly skilled job to install many appliances like bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, etc. Plumbers need to have critical thinking to know what goes where. They have to be fit to carry all the tools and equipment from one place to another. They earn $24 per hour.

  • Home inspector

The average for home inspectors is $52,000 per year. The main job is to inspect the interiors and exteriors of the house to make sure it is safe to reside in. They require training to understand the heating, electrical and other important stuff in the homes.

Likewise, they have to know the strengths and weaknesses of homes as well. Inspectors deal with various homes like cracks, rotten wood, issues with structural roofs, etc.

  • Licensed Nurse

The licensed nurses work under the directions of registered nurses and doctors. Besides, they work in so many settings like homes, hospitals, etc. Some of their works are checking the symptoms in people.

They also bathe and dress the patients. They usually have 8 hours workdays. They have to be physically fit to deal with patients. The nurses are seen making $25.18 per hour.

  • Boilermaker

The boilermakers are there to install tanks and boilers containing gases and liquids. They are used to operating the machines like robotic welders. Also, they install the premade boilers and ensure that there are no leaks in the boilers. Maintaining the boilers is also a part of their work. They usually charge $ 27 per hour.

  • Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist cleans the teeth of patients requiring premedical care. They also are seen educating people regarding oral hygiene and how to brush teeth. Further, They help all the patients in solving various dental issues like cavities, etc. They usually take X-rays to diagnose many dental problems. They get $38.10 per hour.

  • Landscape designer

The landscape designers work on various garden projects. Their goal is to select beautiful plants to decorate the exteriors beautifully. They assess the needs of clients depending on the budget. Also, they make the pathways, water structures, vegetations, etc. Also, their payment is $54,000 per year.


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