Few Ways You Can Exploit Stainless Steel Sports Bottles for Your Benefit

Nowadays, most companies try to promote their brands by using stainless steel bottles particularly in certain sports events, where they can find the opportunity to attract attention to view their logo and brand name.

Custom Earth Promos is a well-known company that is in the business of manufacturing various custom stainless steel bottles and a few other products that they create by recycling various materials. They are a great source for obtaining various products for any marketing promotions.

Besides, using these stainless bottles for your marketing promotion, there are a few other benefits and applications of these stainless steel sports bottles. Let us list them out in this short post.

  • Help you to avoid BPA

Plastic bottles used during earlier days contain BPA i.e. Bisphenol-A, which has been banned by the FDA and few other countries for baby bottles or cups because that produce harmful effects if water remains stored on them

Stainless steel bottles are completely BPA free, as it contains no plastic.

  • No harmful chemicals present

Various studies have shown that stainless steel materials are much safer materials for storing water for a considerably longer period, where water will not get contaminated. Also, there is no presence of any kind of harmful chemicals that was found in plastics which were used earlier and also still being used in many countries.

  • Keeps away bacteria

Not only these stainless steel bottles are chemical-free, but also these bottles are free from any kind of corrosion, rust, and stain. If the bottles are properly designed then there will be no chance to produce any mold and bacteria as they cannot find a place to hide within these bottles.

  • Stainless steel is a sustainable material

Stainless steel is now playing a very important role not only in sustainable design, but also as alternative energy evolution. Stainless steel is the most environmentally friendly material that is durable and corrosion-resistant.

They have high-recycled content and offer long service life and also reduce resource use.

  • Water tastes better in stainless steel bottles

Unlike any plastic bottles, water kept within stainless steel bottles will never give a foul smell after they are stored for a long time. There will be no change in the taste of water even if they are stored for a long time.

  • Water temperature is maintained for longer

Further, the stainless steel plastic bottles can keep all your beverages in hot or cold condition for a much longer time as compared to plastic or even glass containers. You can now keep all your beverages hot for almost up to 12 hours and any cold beverages for up to 24 hours.

  • Keep your water healthy

By using stainless steel water bottles, you can always prevent any harmful carcinogens to leach into your drinking water. Stainless steel bottles are also corrosion-resistant, and will never leach chemicals when they are exposed to the sun or heat of the environment.

Stainless steel bottles are constructed by using culinary-grade stainless steel that is non-reactive, which means that they will not shed harmful toxins when they are filled with water.