Useful Tips To Pass The Hazard Perception Test With Good Grades

It is mandatory to pass the hazard perception test before getting a license to drive on the road. The test assesses your abilities and skills to identify potential hazards to ensure safe driving. This skill makes you a good driver and improves your driving experience on the road.

The key to clear this exam is to constantly look for situations that can lead to an accident and regulate the position, and speed of the vehicle to react in time and avoid any unpleasant situation.

What is the importance of hazard perception test in securing a driving license?

According to the rules laid down by the government, a hazard perception test is an integral part of the driving test. In 2002, this test was made a vital component of the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency’s) Driving Theory Test. It is very important to ensure safety on the road. This is a video-based test wherein the candidate is shown video clips that consist of a wide range of hazards.

To clear the theoretical section of the exam, you need to clear the hazard perception test with a certain percentage. This makes it necessary that you are well prepared for the test, and have adequate knowledge of everything that you need to expect before booking the theory test booking.

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About the hazard perception test

The Hazard Perception Test comprises of the Questions and Answers section of the Theory Test. The test is carried out based on a computer analysis of the time taken by a person to react to these events. Several real-life potential hazards that you may come across in your daily life are shown one by one in a video.

All a candidate need is to identify the major moments in the video. On finding any hazard like situation, the candidate should register the event by clicking it with the computer mouse. You need to be quick in identifying the hazard to avoid losing the opportunity and your marks as well.

There is no other computer skill needed than clicking a computer mouse. In this way, the test is designed to be very easy for users. There are loads of practice hazard perception tests on the web that you can solve to get more idea about this test. The more you practice, the more your skill and knowledge enhances.

What is the duration and passing score of the test?

The hazard perception test is of twenty minutes duration. You do not get the chance to rewind the video.  This means that there is no second chance. So, you need to be very attentive throughout the video. The passing score of the test is 44 marks out of 75 marks.


The hazard perception is an essential requirement to assess the awareness and knowledge of drivers on the road. The above information will surely give you the much-needed information to prepare for this test and clear it in the first attempt.